CaliforniaWaves wrote
After those bad first couple weeks you talked about, what was the turning point for your hair to become the frizz-free, swingy (I love that wording! that's what I want!) hair that you have now? I am always inspired by your thoughts on hair and your healthy outlook on it. Thanks for your help!
My own turning point was truly detoxing my hair. By that I mean, clarifying your hair once with an ACV rinse or clarifying shampoo, will not remove all of the built up residue on your hair. It will lift some, but as long as there is any build up at all, there is frizz. (for me, anyway). I was not interested in rapidly detoxing by clarifying too frequentlly, as that would have stipped my hair's oils far too much. so by avoiding silicones & heavy polymers and clarifying once a week, slowly my hair was refreshed & rid of all of the built up, stuck-in residue. THAT is when my hair began to shine & "swing". once I realized that i had a tendency to overcondition , (THAT caused UNBELIEVABLE frizz) I adjusted the type of conditioner I used and how long I left it on. That made a big difference, the conditioning ammount. I think lots of frizzy hair is caused by overconditioning, ans lack of definition too. people (including me) misinterperet what their hair is saying to them. Fact is, the less you use and the simpler your routine, the easier it is to figure out where you went wrong. you are reducing the variables. if you have build up (which cannot be removed in one attempt) the moisturizing ingredients in your conditioner will never make it to your hair. pointless. if you have build up, frizz. if you overcondition, frizz. if you process your hair, potential frizz, heat styling, potential frizz. you need to figure out which one, or combination is the culprit. that said, some people have a natural tendency to frizz, especially in climate changes. oh well. that's just hair!

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