For makeup, I recommend you go to a counter as well. I swear by Bobbi Brown makeup, her makeup is amazing and light years ahead of MAC. MAC also tends to be heavier, which may not help with your acne problem. ETA: also, it may be better if you just use concealer and a powder, which is what I do. You won't have to use the concealer all over, and the powder just gives you a finished look and helps blend.

For nail polish, Essie is good, as well as OPI. There's also Chanel and Nars, but those are a bit more pricey. I just got my first shellac mani and I LOVE IT. Shellac manis last 2-3 wks, but they cost around 35-45 bucks.

As far as working out, I take a class and have been trying to watch what I eat. I'm eating alot of lean protein nowadays and I've seen a difference (like tuna, etc). I'm trying to stay away from bread as much as I can, but it's tough.

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