Well most know that I have worked for MAC and Sephora for over 10 years so you are welcome to ask me any question you want. I do makeup as a freelancer and since I'm a film/animation/art major in school I do the makeup for my own stuff and fellow students. I do everything from beauty, runway, photoshoots, to special effects.

Are you looking for over the counter makeup like Covergirl, Maybelene, Revlon? I can give you color suggestions from lots of lines, including MAC and those found in Sephora.

Acne prone? But do you have a t-zone? Are you allergic to anything? What moisturizers are you using? Do you have oily skin? Do you prefer liquid or powder or cream? What are your undertone colors? (when you look at your neck or wrists, do you see more yellow or red tones?). Makeup is a science and I love it more than hair and take it seriously.

I would need a lil more info in order to give my opinion so you are welcome to PM me.

Nails - Take a light buffer and lightly buff the tips of your toes, don't sand them down, just lightly buff. Then get a base coat that you like, I use a discontinued one of course, lol, it's called Liquid Glass, Ulta use to carry it and Bed Bath and Beyond but it's very hard to find. Then apply your color, no more than 2 coats if possible. A top coat is ok but some can be heavy, too heavy, so try and test out a few quick dry top coats. (Oh and colors with a lot of glitter in them tend to last just a lil bit longer). I guess I should mention my freshman and sophmore year in college I did nails out of my dorm room to make money for books and food, LOL. yeah I'm a hustla baby.

Body - I;m not a beach body by any means. I'm plus sized and love it. But there are tricks that I have used to hind flaws, Mystic tan is one of them, instant 10-15 apperance of weight lost, lol. But I do swim in the summer and I can lose about 40 pounds in 3 months with better eating, getting more sleep, and swimming 4 or more times a week for 1-2 hours each time. It's a total body workout and relaxing.
I just started Heated Yoga, Birkham, and it's super hard and I have passsed out about 5 times over the pass month. Can you guess I'm going back to swimming as soon as my membership is up, LOL. I did like that the heated classed gave me a great way to DEEP condition my hair, lol.