For makeup, I recommend you go to a counter as well. I swear by Bobbi Brown makeup, her makeup is amazing and light years ahead of MAC. MAC also tends to be heavier, which may not help with your acne problem. ETA: also, it may be better if you just use concealer and a powder, which is what I do. You won't have to use the concealer all over, and the powder just gives you a finished look and helps blend.
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Yes, a lot of people think MAC is heavy, I did too, but in retrospect, it also depends on how it's applied. Using the Studio Fix with that sponge it comes with, you can easily over-apply, with a face brush is better. A lot of the time it's the tool and not the product. Concealer and powder combo is good too. When I stopped wanting the really matte look that's what I started doing. Then I discovered Bare Minerals years ago and loved it and started looking for similar products. I only use MAC for the concealer now. **sidenote: Love their lipglasses too, especially their limited editions, but I had to stop, I was going nuts! Plus I started experimenting with other brands.** It's funny how our preferences and needs can change almost overnight, I remember loving that matte/made-up look, then boom, I was over it and wanted more natural.
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