The best foundation for women of color in my honest open is either from MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Laura Mercier. It's a bit more expensive than Drug Store brands, but they're so much better. I use MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 and you can rarely see it on my face; it's specifically made for dry skin. Some people break out from MAC so it all depends on your body chemistry. Clinique is OK, but they sometimes don't carry darker shades. They didn't even have mine for this one type of foundation and I'm tanned! I was so offended I refuse to buy their stuff now. Just to go Sephora or MAC and they'll match you up.

Most foundations do not cater to WOC so they make your face look ashy. Anyway, MAC has never been too heavy for me. I think it depends on how much you apply. I just put little dots on my face, about the size of a pea (or maybe smaller) on my left cheek, then right cheek, and then forehead. It blends very nicely and gives me full coverage. I also use MAC concealer for dark circles and I set with a finishing powder. I think the powder is the most important or else your makeup will stop to wear off or come off on your clothes. MAC Raizin is a great blush for WOC too, but it's a bit too dark for me! So I have to apply lightly. I do love MAC Eversun too. It's very nice

You can try going to the Cosmetic Company Store to find discounted MAC products.

BTW, I have VERY sensitive skin. I can't even use most cleansers because they make my skin burn/turn it red. And my skin has been perfectly fine with MAC...

Nail Polish

OPI is one of the best--I use China Glaze which is a sister company. My toes stay painted for weeks and I usually have to remove it myself. It's about $5 a bottle, but like I said before... You get what you pay for. I think you can get it discounted at Sally's if you have a membership card. One bottle has lasted me way over a year. But I own a lot of different CG bottles since I buy them in a bulk for $2.89 each online.

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