1. I was hoping to find something in the Covergirl line (queen collection) but they just blend all together and look nearly the same. Lmao! I just want to look natural so should I go with a shade darker if I can't find a perfect match?

2. What is a t-zone? My skin is super dry. I've been doin rhassoul clay masks everyday for a week and haven't had any new breakouts. Woohoo! The deep ones that felt lumpy came to the surface and have smoothed out. Yay!

I am soooo not cut out for this prissy stuff. Lmao! #teamtomboy dammit :P

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Originally Posted by JessicazFro
Honestly I'm not impressed with the Queen Collection at all. They started putting it on clearance at some of my local Targets. I also recommend going to the counter and trying things out, even if you go to CVS and buy a color that doesn't work, you can return it. If you are looking for something over the counter like from a CVS then yes CoverGirl has the most options, just not the best quality and not as pigmented as we would like. If you got to places like Sephora always ask for samples, you can test it outside in daylight, take it home and play with it. Oh and don't forget that your moisturizer is very important, that's like washing your hair with shampoo and never conditioning, lol.

Since I have worked at most of the popular counters please keep in mind that some of these people have not been to school and are sales people so don't be afraid to get the sample and go outside with it.

It sounds like you may be looking for a sheer finish? right??? For a glow or dew finish you may want to cheak out NARS, head over the Beauty Chamelon on YT and her blog, she has great tips. Natasha is a sweetheart and could guide you as well.

If you want something a lil more heavy then head to Makeup Forver. Their HD foundation to to freaking DIE for. I sheer it down for air bursh applications. I can use it with a wet sponge and have flawless skin for hours.

With the wet sponge comment, yes I use a wet sponge with most of my applications, especially in the winter time and cold windy days, here in Los Angeles the weather is somewhat cold at 4am in the morning when I head out for work so I need something that will absorb great into my skin. I use the Beauty Blender, I get those at Aveyou.com when I order my Curl Junkie, LOL. But that is not needed, just helpful. Using a wet sponge or wet brush can make a world of difference on some people, me being one of them.

Since you do have drier skin I would diffiantley stick with liquid foundations, you are dead on with that. If you want to test out nice moisturizers to help with youe skin try Murad, Juice Beauty, and my fave Philosophy (hope in a jar, and when hope is not enough are two of the heaviest mositrizers I have tried) I use those on my clients what have had chemo, including myself.

With a great moisturizer and setting the foundation properly with either the MAC Fix+, Urban Decay Dew, or a setting powder you can really get great skin.

Then you have to take into account that most WOC are not just one shade, we need two different colors. That's why I love the MAKEUP FOREVER Pallette, you get 4 colors and 1 color corrector, for dark spots and blemishes. You can belnd those colors together like no ones business.
Sometime I have to mix my colors as well since my shade changes each season. Mostly I'm an NC40 from Mac but I have to mix in some NC42 at times. SO I do recommend going to the stores and playing with these colors, it's so hard to guide you over the internet but I hope I'm giving you some great ideas. Oh and did I mention IMan, her shades are pretty good for WOC.

You ladies are making me really want to make some makeup videos, I actually started working on that last week, LOL.

Sometimes you may have to got to a MAC Pro store to get better shade choices. Like if you have for of a red undertone you need a foundation with a W as the starting letter, those are only found at MAC Pro stores. To most people I recommend going to the Pro store for advice unless you really trust the ones at Macy's. I've worked at all of them so I know the difference, I don't want to put anyone down but the Pro's have it on lock, they know EVERYTHING, that's why they work at the Pro store.

Ok, next paragraph, LOL. Mac too heavy... The sheerest MAC is the MAC Face and Body, I also use this for my air brush machine. Use a wet sponge, or damp, mix your foundation with a lil bit of moisturizer, and take the sponge and tap it into your skin, don't rub it, tap it. The moisturizer and the foundation mixed together and tapped into your skin with a wet sponge will change the opaque finish you are getting (when you get all fancy with it, add some shimmer, LOL, you will look sun kissed).

What setting powder are you using? I like MACs but I like it mixed. I use the Mario Badescu Silver powder to stop any irritations of my clients from occuring. I perfer to use the Fix+ spray to set. Some times I need to use it more that once. I was on set watching a MUA do her thing on a MJB album shoot, they drenched her face in Fix + before anything and drenched her again after the foundation. Her freaking skin was so smooth, soft and glowed. I was ammazed and so glad I learned that trick. See if you can get you hands on some of the setting sprays, Urban Decay has one similar to MAC, its a Dew one, I love it too.

Raizen is a basic staple in my kit. To lighten it use a fluffier brush, and if you have a powder, brush you powder on top of it after you apply it. Anything else and you just need another color. I' have over 45 colors at home and since I'm at work I can't remember all of them off the top of my head right now, LOL, have a blush brain fart right now, lol. But blush is pretty simple, you can even use Mac Cream Colour Base on you cheeks, heck, I even use lipstick on my cheeks, LOL.

Yes the Cosmetic Company is cool. But don't forget the check Nordstrom Rack and Off the Fifith. But be warned that there is a $300 spending limit, LOL. Trust they had to take stuff out my bag before because I was over the makeup purchaing limit. Shhhh, that's where my hustle comes from. People are crazy about makeup, so I get the discountinued stuff and sell it online mostly overseas. I was shocked when these people were having a bid war over a eyeshadow I paid $9 for, yeah it sold for $69 dollars, but that's another story for another day, LOL. I would pay my mortgage payments with my makeup hustle, it was crazy.

My skin can trip on me at times too. But I think I was watching EmpressRi's channel and she mentioned Chagrin Valley's Rhassoul Clay bar for the face. I got the Rhassoul Clay and the Carrot Bar and got some Japonesque 1/20z jars, from aveyou.com. Chopped up some of the sample bars, put them in the bottle, added a cap of tea tree oil, a cap of water, and filled the rest up with witch hazel and my skin has gotten so much better. I guess I should do a video on that too, LOL. Been trying to find something else to talk about other than hair, LOL.

Well my makeup posts will always bee long because I KNOW TOO MUCH info about makeup. I'm more obessed with makeup than hair, LOL.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I'm here to help and I can ramble on and on about makeup all day, lol