So I'm new hair so HI!!!!

I have an issue that i need a little bit of help with. Frankly i have no clue what my hair type is and from what I've been reading around, apparently it's more trouble than it's worth so i wont type my hair but i can describe it for you. In general i have s curls all around my head with two patches of coils by my ears and all of these hairs tend to be maybe medium coarse. and the crown area is a very loose silky/fine textured wave with maybe (sometimes) a curl at the end if i scrunch.

Now the problem area is the the middle of my head (which i have a weird shaped head that is flat in the middle). I don't know what it is I'm starting to think maybe scab hair, but that hair is extremely wire-y, prone to breakage, thick (the individual strands are thick), dense, frizz prone, and if i plaster it with gel it is more coily towards the the root and wavy towards the end. However this hair does not want to clump, it's like the strands are moving in different directions or something.

I haven't used heat since I've been natural so it's not heat damage. One more thing about that area of my head as well is there is a sizable scar there from and accident years back idk if that could contribute. But are there any suggestions for dealing with this section, I'm really not concerned with the fact that it's different from the rest of my hair, because my hair is pretty strange anyway but i like that. My biggest concern is the breakage. It breaks a lot! And that bothers me, I'm growing my hair out and it's about apl now, and i don't want this to hinder me. any suggestions please?

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