Sooo, is Sephora leaving out darker shades on purpose or are the losing sales because the darker shades aren't prominently displayed? O_o

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I don't really know. Maybe it's just that one store that's doing it. I will have to look into it.
I have a friend that works at Sephora too so I'm going to have to ask her her thoughts and see if she has any inside info.

I know Sephora is a Louis Vutton owned company and is made to be a boutique. They don't cater to the Art of Makeup, where as Mac and Makeup Forever does. They are still building and trying out new things/comapnies. But I don't think they are about the Art or creative experssion through makeup.

So I can't say anything for sure yet until I know more. Just my observation at that one store was a lil dishearting. Going to start looking a lil more closley now when I go to these boutique style stores and also when I go to IMATS this June, I will see which brands have more options and where those richer colors are sold more. I get to askthese companies tons of questions face to face at IMATS so it's going to be at the top of my list.