I received my package Monday. Everything was full to the brim. I have the 8oz size conditioners, so not sure if that makes a difference. The cupuacu cream looked as if there was a danger to spillage as there was cream around the rim of the jar under the lid, but nothing was spilled down to the label or in the box itself. So contents were overall fine.

I ordered everything in the Pearberry scent and I love it. I haven't had anything in a pear scent since VS's infamous body collections from back in the day. And yeah, this pear scent kind of smells like that.

Washed hair yesterday and used the Coconut Cream Conditioner for a rinse out. It has nice slip. Its thin so I didn't think it was doing anything to my hair, but I had no problems using my shower comb to detangle. Texture reminds me of a thinner Elucence MBC. I think someone else said KCKT, but mine wasn't quite like that to me. It was a good rinse out and it probably would work as a leave-in for anyone who likes lighter leave-ins.

I used the Hydrating Hemp as a leave-in. LOVES IT! It goes on so smooth and absorbs so nicely. Its a little thicker than the CCC, but really creamy. No grit, no funny texture and my hair was drying soft and my hair coiled nicely.

I need a larger size of the Cupuacu Curl Cream. Its that light cream texture that works for multiple styles. I used this for a true WNG (the first I had done in months) over the Hydrating Hemp and my hair is still soft this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't use anything to set the WNG, so this morning my shrinkage was at maximum levels and the front of my hair was drooping from being smashed from sleep. Despite not using a sealer over the CCC - not even oil - as I was in a rush, my hair was still very soft to the touch.

So this morning due to the failed WNG (on my part), I twisted my mostly dry hair as it still wasn't quite dry. I wanted to see how PBN's Sapote Hair Lotion pairs with the Cupuacu Curl Cream and talk about nice curl clumpage! I did use the Hydrating Hemp Condtioner + CCC on a few twists just to compare.

I used the Mango Butter to seal the twists. Texture is truly like butter you would use to cook with, think Crisco, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", any whipped butter. Its not overly greasy when it melts like other butters I have tried. Just a nice butter texture.

I'll have to report back on how long my twists stay moisturized. That's a big test for me.
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