Sooo, is Sephora leaving out darker shades on purpose or are the losing sales because the darker shades aren't prominently displayed? O_o

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I don't really know. Maybe it's just that one store that's doing it. I will have to look into it.
I have a friend that works at Sephora too so I'm going to have to ask her her thoughts and see if she has any inside info.

I know Sephora is a Louis Vutton owned company and is made to be a boutique. They don't cater to the Art of Makeup, where as Mac and Makeup Forever does. They are still building and trying out new things/comapnies. But I don't think they are about the Art or creative experssion through makeup.

So I can't say anything for sure yet until I know more. Just my observation at that one store was a lil dishearting. Going to start looking a lil more closley now when I go to these boutique style stores and also when I go to IMATS this June, I will see which brands have more options and where those richer colors are sold more. I get to askthese companies tons of questions face to face at IMATS so it's going to be at the top of my list.
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That is true. They are owned by LVMH and I never thought of them as my go-to place for makeup. I do like that they carry NARS, and fun things to travel with, but they are the place to go for me - especially for skincare. I worked for corporate at one time (located in SF) and I think the issue with formula color, brands, etc is regional. If you went to the main flagship store in San Francisco or NYC, you would not have an issue. The smaller stores where I live now are troublesome for me which is why I'm forced to stick to shopping at sephora.com instead of in the stores.
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