I don't wear makeup often bc of my acne, but i use MAC exclusively for my foundation (skin finish) for winter and mineral makeup for summer. I almost always do my eyes, and my palettes come from MAC, NYX, or Urban decay. Occasionally I will have a drugstore adventure if I see a cute shade. I'm a lip gloss/tint girl over lipstick the majority of the time, but if I'm doing lipstick, matte finishes are best.

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I've been addicted to one shade of lipgloss for the past 3+ years. Copper Bliss by COVERGIRL queen collection. I need to get a clear mascara just so my lashes won't look so wild and all over the place.

I need to do some research on mineral makeup to see what all the hooplah is about
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You can use the same clear mascara to groom your brows too. Mineral makeup is supposed to be better for the skin.

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