I don't do foundation cause I can never find something that matches me so I do blush and bronzer and I love the result.

Essie is good, I find that the newer colors REALLY last. The trick is to use a base, I love OPI nail envy and I do two coats. I do OPI topcoat which I loved more than the sally hansen one.

I'm also down 12 pounds and 3 inches off my waist! I've given up a LOT of sugar, stayed away from meat, tried to do vegan/vegetarian meals most of the time.

If I do have a sweet or am planning a trip to starbucks on my day off then I won't have anything else sweet for the whole week.

Soda is too sweet for me now, cause I've been drinking either water, green tea or this DELISH aloe vera drink called alo. I like the pomegranate one.

I got my ass up and moving too lol. I go for walks on my breaks at work, ride my bike on my day off, alternate crunches and push ups with stuff with my dumb bells everyday.

The trick is to go little by little. When you start seeing results then it's more of a motivation.
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