The more I look at my hair, the more I realize that all the stressing I do over my curls is silly. It really has turned from more curly into a 2b since I have been taking better care of it - and I am starting to love it
Good for you. Acceptance is the first step. If more people would accept what their hair IS and stop dumping tons of money on stuff to change what is, the happier a lot of people would be. An example, say you have 2b-ish hair, but when you put certain ammounts of certain products in in a certain way & scrunch, flip, diffuse, spritz & coax enough, your hair can LOOK like it is 3a-ish. The results may turn out great once, but given different variables like weather, or product application, you hair can look like a real mess. Nw you are confused at upset. Then you start stressing over how to make your hair look like it did last time, experimenting with so many things under so many conditions it's hard to tell exactly what is working and what is compounding the problem. In the end, your hair is STILL 2b. What's the stress & fuss over? There are far greater things to concern oneself with in this world (no offence ). Point being, if the person would accept their hair type then work to keep it healthy and use a product designed to enhance, and not try to transform their hair, they would have many happy hair days. Another problem is the misinterpretation of the word "enhance", and confusing it with "transform", which is actually what a lot of people (me included in the past) try to do. The dictionary definition of enhance is
To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment
. The dictionary definition of transform is
To change the nature, function, or condition of; convert. See Synonyms at convert
. To enhance or transform. I'm thinking enhance would work out better, as to truly change your hair, you'd need to either chemically curl or relax it, or change it's structure with heat to see any consistant results, I don't think product layering is the answer to "transforming" your hair. Enhancement, IMO, should not involve an army of products and ridiculously convaluted styling techniques. Like makeup, more is not better. I bet lots of people could have gorgeous hair with much less effort & product & fretting if they'd truly look at what type of hairs they have and figure out how to get it into prime condition. (yes I said HAIRS. show me a wavy with uniform waves all over their head. probably all of us are a mix of types, so it doesn't make much sense to expect all of your hair to behave the same way.) people gripe about their canopy (me included!) well on a lot of people, the canopy acts or looks different because it IS different! you can't expect all of your waves to be identical all over your head, they just aren't. so one product may work great to enhance temple curls or underneath curls, but if your canopy or sides are not as curly, that product probably won't do diddly, or may exaccerbate your problem. The more you let your hair do it's own thing & stop fighting nature and use products appropriate for your hairs, the better your hair will look. My canopy frizz went away due to my removing all the old build up and treating my hair much better than I used to, and improving my diet (new hair growth is healthier if you are better nourished) and stopped trying to smooth or curl it with products. I wish you all the best in accepting how your hair is, and listening to it to figure out what it needs to become the healthiest hair possible. Just like glowing, healthy skin that is nourished from within by a balanced diet & regular exercise needs minimal enhancement from makeup & cosmetics, hair in good condition that is free of buid up and chemical or heat damage & is cut into a flattering style that shows of it's best features, needs minimal product & styling (if any) to look it's absolute best.
I hope you find what works for you and that you are able to let go of your hair stress. and remember, bad hair days are just when your hair isn't doing what YOU want it to, they are more the rule than the exception. Pretty hairsticks and combs and ties were MADE for these days!

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"