The hair in the crown of my hair is the most fragile and the part most likely to break.
In the past I treated it like the rest of my hair and I think either it did not get enough product or products that did not work for that area. For example most of my hair hates castor oil and shea butter but the center of my hair loves the stuff. When I detangle I can use a denman beush all over and have very little shedding enen though I am a bit rough for the center of my hair I need to finger detangle then I use a wide tooth comb.

I have also found that parting my hair ear to ear or horizontal instead of front to back when conditioning helps me ensure I have applied sufficient amounts. I also make sure I use a tea rinse and really focus on that area like twice a month. When it is dry I need to add a moisturizer it that area daily or at least every other day. Last is when I bun I usually keep it braided because the curl pattern is so tight and keeping it stretched seems to work better for me.

It is weird to have products only for the crown of my hair but since I have been doing these things my hair shed far less and it seems to be catching up with the rest of my hair.

Hair Type: 3c/4a/4b, fine, normal porosity