I have enjoyed this thread because I suffer from the same problems. Got the Ouidad cut in No. VA and was disappointed, got another cut to work with curl and was unhappy with the style. This was like a slightly layered bob, with layers mostly at the bottom, and just long enough to pull back in a ponytail if I wanted. The problem with this cut was that even though it definitely improved curl, the canopy was heavy and kept drooping into my face. These days I rarely wear my hair just down, it just looks too unformed and sloppy. I sometimes wear a skinny headband, after first slightly backcombing the back of the crown because the back of my head is flat. With the headband I get it off my face, yet the waves and curls are free. I also use texturizer to give me control for updos, like a loose bun or French twist. With winter here my hair will be straighter than it is during the humid spring/summer, and that means more styling time for me.
2a/2b. Searching for perfect cut to release my inner curl. Currently neck length w/ long layers. Use RC color, Vive poos & conditioners (sometimes Terax Crema), ISO Bouncy Curl, JessiCurl, Frizz-Ease Lite, & quasi-plopping.