You and I have similar concerns and experiences, it seems. I'm not CG, but I've been, for a few years, experimenting with CG products, and I'm just not seeing the same types of results I used to. My hair seems over moisturized, no matter how much I use. The first time I use something, I should add, it looks beautiful, but the products end up being just too much for my hair. It's funny, but watching Lorraine Massey on TODAY, I felt like my hair was the opposite of everything she said. I have naturally curly hair, and my hair is not naturally dry. I dye it, but, especially since I started using the no-ammonia dye, I just don't need a lot of moisture, and it seems that every CG-friendly product I use is full of it. And I can't do the no poo thing. My hair doesn't like just conditioner. Yesterday, I purchased 365 shampoo from Whole Foods, and, yes, the demon ingredient, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, is the second ingredient in it, after water, but it seems to me like when I didn't pay attention to what was and wasn't in my shampoo, my hair was happier. I may hate the shampoo, or it may be just what my hair needs. I'll know tomorrow. It's so funny how we all share similar hair, but it all responds so differently.