I purchased this a few weeks back when Walgreens had the BOGO on SM products. I already use the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Deep Treatment Masque, so I figured the sale was a good time to pick up the shampoo. I used it for the first time today and I really like it! My hair felt clean, but not super stripped...which is always great. It had just the right amount of lather, so I didn't feel like I needed to pile it on my head like I usually do with cleansers that don't have much lather. I could go without the smell, but hey it cant be all perfect.

What are your opinions on this shampoo? Have you guys tried anything that's been on the scene for awhile but you just never got around to it?

I also used the DTM to do my twists for the first time, so we're gonna see how that comes out tomorrow.
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ITA w/all of the bolded. I initially started out using the entire Curls line up however a few months into my HHJ it just wasn't working the same way anymore so I was in target & debating btwn Kinky Kurly & Shea Moisture & chose the latter. I'm sooo glad I did.

I purchased the moisture retention shampoo as well as the matching condish 3 months ago and I'm just at the half way mark w/the condish and just approaching the 1/4 mark w/the shampoo. ITA that you really do not need that much...a little really does go a long way & my hair always feels clean but moisturized after.

I also add a little grapeseed oil to the condish to make my own deep treatment, cover w/a cap & sit under the dryer for 35mins and when I rinse it out my hair is sooo easy to comb & style.

I have NO INTENTIONS of using another brand & am very happy w/the value as well as results I get for the price. I too could do w/out the smell (I'm really not into 'natural smelling products') however for some reason shea butter products tend to do wonders for my hair so w/results like these I can deal w/a smell I don't really care for.
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