Ok so I used the Coconut Cream Conditioner and the Cupuacu Curl Cream

The Coconut cream conditioner is lightweight , I think a lot of fine to medium hair naturals would like it a lot. For myself I have medium strands but my hair is very dense so it didnt coat my hair but it absorbed well. After rinsing my hair didnt feel extra moisturized but it was soft. I did note that my hair was frizzy , more so than usual after conditioning.

The consistency of the product moves very well in the bottle but its almost like the Oyin Hair Dew. I took a picture of the two, the coconut cream is on the left and the dew is on the right. Its slightly looser but the feel was the same to me

The Cupuacu Curl Cream, I used as a leave in , it went on the hair smooth and my hair was some what defined. Its like a hybrid of a butter and a cream mixed together , i can see the whipped air pockets but it melts like cool whip. It played well with the rest of what I used tonight and my hair is drying soft and fluffy.

All in all , I dont think these will be a repurchase. The lightness of the products will do well in the summer/spring but not too sure about the winter unless you have a heavy product on top. The price points are nice but my staple conditioners I can get on ground and are more bang for my buck.
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