Ok so I used the Coconut Cream Conditioner and the Cupuacu Curl Cream

The Cupuacu Curl Cream, I used as a leave in , it went on the hair smooth and my hair was some what defined. Its like a hybrid of a butter and a cream mixed together , i can see the whipped air pockets but it melts like cool whip. It played well with the rest of what I used tonight and my hair is drying soft and fluffy.

All in all , I dont think these will be a repurchase. The lightness of the products will do well in the summer/spring but not too sure about the winter unless you have a heavy product on top. The price points are nice but my staple conditioners I can get on ground and are more bang for my buck.
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I agree the Cupuacu Curl Cream is like a butter/cream hybrid...I used it to do twists and I am very impressed with how smooth it went on. A very small amount was needed for each twist. I ended up with soft and fluffy definition which I can never achieve until the 2nd or 3rd day...never the first day. This will definitely be a repurchase for me!

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
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