I would love it if anyone who wants to post pictures of their Spring and Summer dresses or skirts would share in this thread! Please, please share! Or heck, if you just have a cute outfit you wanna show off do that too. No rules.

I've never been a dress wearer so putting one on feels pretty foreign to me, but I'm ready for some newness! I'd love it if anyone looking would give me some honest opinions about the two dresses I just bought.

The shorter one feels like something is off with it, but I'm not sure if it's just me feeling weird because my blinding white legs are on display or if the dress just isn't right for me. The longer dress I love and could wear every day I think, but I'd love some input on it as well. Is the cardigan ok with both? What about the shoes? They're new too and I'm still feeling those out if I want to keep them or not.

Opinions, please! Don't hold back, I have no girlfriends that can help me out with shopping so anything you point out will (hopefully) help with future dress shopping.

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I'm a big maxi-dress lover, but I think the shorter one looks great on you!