I don't like shrugs or short sleeved cardigans on anyone. I just don't see the point. If it's to cover something up, just get a short or long sleeved dress instead of sleeveless. If it's for warmth, then a gauzy wrap or open knit shrug short sleeved cardigan aren't going to do much. Instead why not get something 3/4 or long sleeved. But that's just me.
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Sometimes I swear we're related. I used to think the *same* damn thing. We had friends visiting last year and she had these cute short sleeve lightweight cardigan type things and on a whim I tried one on while we were out shopping. I realized it was the perfect way to get more use out of my tank tops that I wouldn't normally wear out alone during the warmer months (or spaghetti strap types that don't cover my bra). I could sorta cover up and mix and match stuff. I would always see pretty summer dresses (why are most sleeveless!?), but never try them on because they're sleeveless or I know would show my bra. I guess it gives me just enough to feel comfortable wearing sleeveless. I know me and if I'm not comfortable in it, I'll never pull it off the hanger to wear it and that's just a waste of money.

I've gotten over it a little because if it's hot enough I'll go sleeveless because I wilt in the heat and NEED my breeze.

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