Are you sure you're not using too much ACV? I wanna cry too if it gets in my eyes or anywhere other than my hair. It can really sting. I keep a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle in my shower and spritz it on that way. You really don't need to use much at all - just 1/2 tablespoon to a cup of water for long hair - and if the smell bothers you, you can rinse it off. I use white vinegar, BTW. It's just what I have on hand all the time.
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I've been using about a whole tablespoon for 1 cup, so yepp it could be too much. I just notice a slight burning on my scalp after a while and then it starts itching. I thought about just rinsing it out, but I wasn't sure if it would be as effective.

My mom's friend gave me some soap bars she made to try. I want to use them, but I hate the smell of ACV and I think it slightly irritates my scalp. Is there something else that will do the same job?
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Excellent question - I've been wondering myself. I'm interested in trying soap bars, but the ACV rinse kind of turns me off, although not for the same reasons. Honestly, it just seems like a hassle and I'm lazy!

hmkenny could be right, and you could try a weaker solution. It might help with the odor issue, too. I also use white vinegar (always have it around), and I find the smell to be slightly less obnoxious. However, having very sensitive skin myself, I know that if you're sensitive, you just are. And if the smell is a deal-breaker, I can relate.

curlyserf, do you know the dilution ratio for a citric acid rinse? Just curious.

Just had a brainstorm: we should ask kathymack if there are other options - she knows everything! Calling kathymack, calling kathymack....
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Laziness is part of why I don't really like the ACV rinse too lol.

It would be really cool if there were a conditioner that did the same job.

I wonder if it will work if I just mix some into my regular condishioner.

Off to experiment....
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