I haven't used citric acid in a while, but I think curlyserf got it right 1/4 t to 1 c water.

Forgot to add, that those are the only citric rinses that I know. I often wonder if it's necessary, if your products have a pH of 4.5?? They go on your hair and should restore pH shouldn't they??
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So, you don't think an ACV or citric acid rinse is necessary?

I think I'm just going to try to find a conditioner with citric acid listed as an ingredient and see how it works.
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I do an ACV rinse, so I'm not saying that it isn't necessary. I'm just wondering if you use products (rinse out, etc.) that have the correct pH--maybe it isn't. It's something about which I've given thought, so I voiced it. Thought it might make an interesting discussion. Anyone else have insight on this??
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