I didn't know she was going to be on either but I did see it since I'm a huge fan of the Today show and watch it everyday.
I wish she had more time on the air too. Such a short segment. Ok, now don't jump on me but..... and I'm probably going to be the minority but.....
I really didn't like her hair
At first glance, I loved it. So curly and I guess I did like the top layer but I looked at her real close and it looked coated. Producty. It didn't move well. And I could see there was alot of frizz underneath and it looked dry.
The last girl they showed - now her hair was real nice. Shiney, healthy, bouncy looking. I'm sure she just had her hair done.
I'm not a fan of deva products at all. They dried my hair out something awful. I still need to re-try and low poo and see if it will work. I still have the two gels because I want to try them in the summer and in Hawaii and if they still dry my hair out - out they go.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b