See you are wrong. I understand and respect other peoples beliefs. I can understand why they are disappointed because I would be disappointed also. The difference is, I didn't call Kerry supporters stupid, I didn't belittle their beliefs because they differ with mine. I feel there is a place for everyone and we need balance to the force. From all the comments from the most vocal people who supported Kerry, they seem to think every who didn't a stupid, a bible thumper, anti-abortion, and homophobic, all of which are not true.
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PFC: I think for the most part we've (the you and I "we") have had civil exchanges on this board. I know that not everyone who voted for Bush did so because he is pro-life and anti-gay marriage. The people I know and love did so because of security issues and his domestic policies (tax cuts, etc). What is scary to me is when people from either side refuse to acknowledge the huge split in the country. Everyone's feelings and beliefs are valid, and everyone should be heard. Even if one side is larger than the other.
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I know many people who voted for Bush. But first, let me tell you that I live in a very nice part of town, lots of people driving their Mercs and beemers around, and I personally know many of them. Many of these people voted for Bush soley for tax cuts. I know because I asked. These are people who are intelligent individuals, registered Democrats, who went selfish and voted for Bush for a tax break so they can add another 5 grand to their bond holdings sooner.
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