Great topic!

Here I am again, little voice from the far Europe.
I know what is a hair dryer and a diffuser but you are all becoming a bit too technical for me to follow you girls
I probably know what your are speaking about but I don't visualize it since I am pretty sure that we have here other names for stuffs like 'sock types'
Would it be possible for some of you to put a picture of those great hair dryer.
I am also used to let my hair air dry but since yesterday it is not possible anymore because it is just coooold here!!!

I normally use a diffuser but I noticed that it damages my hair. The ends are already very thin and fragile and the canopy becomes always frizzy if I diffuse.
A curly friend told me to use a normal air dryer with a mouthpiece, to put my head down and to use the hair dryer only on the roots avoiding the canopy and the ends.

I tried it but having no mouthpiece it was not so easy.
Just to let you know.
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