Just checking in! I'm down to 145.0. My lowest weight since the 1st trimester with my son (he's 4 1/2).

I will say after those first 2 weeks of being strict...I backed off on the weekends. I'm good all week...then the weekends I allow myself to splurge. I'm pretty much doing phase 2 stuff during the week...then on the weekends....I have popcorn or dessert with kiddos. I cut where I don't really care ...such as hamburger with no bun....because I'd rather have popcorn than the bun on my hamburger. Seems to be working...I go up about a pound on the weekend...but it comes right back off.

I think I could probably keep this up pretty good. I really have 5 more pounds to go for my goal...hopefully posting doesn't jinx me. I love that all the summer pants I bought last year are too big...or I'm having to belt them. I'm probably down about 15 pounds from last summer.

Woo Hoo!

How is everyone else doing?