Trust the beagle.

Day 1 he was acting WAY off, whining like crazy, clawing at the door. Once he was inside he wouldnt leave my side...which is not normal, he is usually very independant and doesnt care what we are doing. That night I lost my mucus plug! I was stoked, knowing that it was just one more step towards labor.

Day 2 same behavior! I wasgoing nuts, took him to my folks house to play with the new puppy to distract go, he was going nuts. About the same time as the night before I started bleeding...called the doc, he said dont worry unlesss its like a faucet (it was not and eventually slowed down and has now stopped) Im excited. I know labor is imminent. Im 38 weeks along, I know EVENTUALLY this baby is coming out. But Im looking forward to it coming soon...allthough now Im getting nervous...nervous and pretty scared. I hve always know that this kid has to come out somehow but now its kinda in my face that she is almost here!

Anyways, the beagle acted normally yesterday with nothing happening and again today so Im feelin ok that the babe is gonna stay in place for another day at least
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"