I'm doing the same. If I mention Atkins...people roll their eyes...as to unhealthy fat...but if you eat good veggies and lean protein...it's really not. I still don't cook with butter ...I use olive oil... I still use all my normal seasonings. I do eat steak or pork...but I eat more chicken and turkey (not a big fish eater). I do eat eggs and bacon some mornings..or sometimes it's an Atkin shake. I eat plain almonds, sunflower seeds, strawberries with cream. I still have a diet coke...or coffee with half and half.

What I don't have is popcorn for a snack every afternoon...or pancakes, waffles, bread, spagetti. potatoes, fries, mac n cheese, chips. Like you said redcelticcurls...I eliminate all those bad starchy foods and eat more veggies and lean protein. I won't say I never have these..but they are far and inbetween. If the chips are out...I'll have a couple... Weekends...I do have bread or mexican w/ chips and salsa. Having those non-guilt weekends...really help keep me on track.