ordered the Tarte Ten LE shadow kit

Sephora: Tarte TEN Limited Edition Collector's Palette ($182 Value): Eyeshadow Sets

sephora lip stain in 01 Always Red

Sephora: SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain: Lip Stain

more MAC Studio Finish concealer for my NosferatuCirclesofDeath cos G-d forbid I run out

and the Warm & Smokey shadows

M·A·C Cosmetics | Packed to Go: 6 Warm Smokey Eye Shadows
Originally Posted by P.P.
^^Let me know how that is. I heard the pigmentation on it wasn't very strong. That's why I bypassed and purchased an Urban Decay Palette and a Too Faced Palette.
Originally Posted by projectdanielle
okay... i'm no makeup expert but it seems a bit dusty and not very intense. ...not nearly as bright as the Stila duos i have. it's cool if you want something subtle. also i think you have to scratch in waaay more than MAC or loreal HIP.

please excuse my barbaric 'swatching'..i should've done this early in daylight but the children would've been all 'whutRyoodooing momeee?'...faces in the background etc.

i haven't tried Urban Decay yet.. I think I'll try something from them next.
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