Hi curlies,
I am travelling to Europe (Slovenia and surrounds) from Australia in June and need some advice on products. Apparently you can only take liquid products on planes if they are less than 100mL in volume. That will never last me 3 weeks!
I was thinking of taking small supplies of my current products and then buying replacements once I get there. Any suggestions? Are Deva products available there, because they certainly aren't here!
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Hi RedDelicious - the 100ml limit only applies to products in hand luggage. You can still pack larger sizes in hold luggage. HTH!
UK - 3a/b med/coarse - mix normal/ high porosity.
Currently in my rotation:
Cleanser/Cowash: CJDF,
Tresemme Naturals, DGJ Hairjuice clarifying, Urtekram Lavender
Conditioners/DT's: CJH&BDF, CJCR, DBPSC, AOWC, Y2C
Protein: AOGPB, Joico Reconstruct Condish (regular not PT)
Leave Ins/Curl Creams: CJCCCC, CJ Smoothing, KeraCare/JCAC
Gel: FSG, BRHG, Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel, L'Oreal Studio Mineral Control Invisi'Gel