I'm in. If I get close to running out of LOTD Aloe 80 Conditioner...

...I'll rebuy that. ummm... I seriously doubt that I'll run out of Eco Gel. I still have a full bucket of Olive and a barely dented bucket of Yellow. If for some bizarre reason I need more I'll get that.

I need to focus on more exercise, improving diet and clearing up my skin. I think I'm okay on autopilot for my hair(?) I've a couple of drawers of G-d knows what that I haven't investigated, including Bentonite clay. i have extra Cassia, Lustrasilk DC, backup Garnier Pure Clean Condishs, coconut oil that i need to repurpose(my hair don't liek it)...yadda yadda yoda.

If get buildup then I might have to buy some sort of cleanser but so far so good.

I was ogling KCCC and JC Curl Defining Creme but I'll wait until after July or maybe later. I was thinking about henna + indigo to go over my dyed brown tortoiseshell head situation but I'll let that go. At least I can kinda watch my hair grow in this way and easily measure the black new growth.
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