Since high school 6 years ago, I have been dying my hair pretty much every 2 months. Recently I colored it with henna--big mistake! I loved the red for about a week, and now it's a disaster after trying to henna/indigo over it to get it to a brown. Recently, I've also started noticing split hairs, and my hair seems very fragile from all the coloring, straight ironing, shampooing, and blow drying. So, I have decided to start from scratch.

Right now my roots are about an inch long, but some of them took the color from the most recent henna disaster while a majority didn't, so I figure I'll give my hair 1-2 whole months from now until I cut it all off.

Now when I say cut it all off, I mean trim it to an inch all over. I've done this in the past, and I know I have the right face shape to pull it off for as long as I plan on pulling it off. The hopes are that I will buzz it all off and that's the last time I'll cut it until I need to trim the back to prevent the mullet look.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I'm doing this to help keep my hair in the best shape possible while I grow it out. I'm going to need SERIOUS support while I grow it out. I'm going to have super strong urges to color it, which I really hope I can refrain from doing for once. Also, advice on the best ways to care for my hair as it grows longer will be appreciated. I hope that doing this will give my hair a fresh start so it will be healthier than it ever has been in my entire life, as even when I was little it was brushed and blow-dried and lemon-lightened.

So there it is! Wish me luck. I will post a new topic called something like "growing out from a pixie" and keep it as a chronicle once I actually cut it.
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