Hi all, I joined here awhile back and posted about some product suggestions for my hair. I posted back then about how I was losing hair, and I still am. I apologize in advance if this is rambly.

I almost feel like my hair is worse now than when I was using products with sulfates, etc. in them. I now use DevaCurl low poo shampoo 3x a week, condition those days with Deva Curl One Condition. The other days I use CJ Daily Fix and also another CJ conditioner (I don't use this every time, just depends).. just can't remember the name of it!

As for products, I alternate between Deva Curl Angel & Arc Angel, and also CJ Aloe Fix & Curls In A Bottle. I also do protein treatments twice a month using the CJ Repair Me stuff.

I've been using these products for quite some time now. Despite this, I'm still losing what I feel to be a lot of hair. I was asked to count how many strands lost, and two separate times it was over 100 strands. Now, I know people say it's normal to lose 50-100 strands a day, but when I look back at older pictures of me and compare them to more current ones, there is a noticeable difference in my hair. Even my dad has commented on it.. and my mom's all freaked out that something's wrong with me :sigh:

I've had bloodwork done, all came back normal (this was a couple months ago). The only med. I'm on is birth control; I was off of it for awhile, and just recently (as in a week ago), got a Depo shot. I honestly don't think the BC is what is causing the hair loss, as I was on it starting in '05 and the hair loss started around '09.
I just started taking a multi vitamin, which I know isn't going to be an overnight fix. I even went to the Bosley Hair place and had a scalp analysis done, which was pretty cool, but nothing major found (which is a good thing I guess), just some "all around thinning".
It was suggested that I start using Rogaine, which is fine by me, anything that might help me get some new growth and volume back!

My hair is just.. blah. I'm not sure if it's just "done" with these products, or what. Here's a comparison:

This is from '07 or '08, before I started losing a ton of hair:

From '09, my hair looks good here, but this was around when I really started losing a lot:

Dec. '10, see how it's just.. flat?:

I'm just so frustrated. I do NOTHING to my hair, as compared to my friends anyway.. I don't color it, I don't pull it up EVER, I don't straighten it, I diffuse it for less than 10min. daily (I can NOT go 2 days without restyling it, it looks like total crap), I feel like I do everything "right". I've been trying not to brush it when I get out of the shower, since I know that's a "no no" but I feel like it's even more flat when I don't.

I used to use Bumble & Bumble products, and I'm wondering if I should try them again, just to see if my hair perks up. Anyone have any other suggestions? Again, sorry if this is really long and whiney.. I'm just at my wits end here.. I would totally shave my head and be done with it if I wasn't such a chicken!