By the title, lets say you had to evacuate and you couldn't bring any of your hair products, because you were rushed or you didn't have time.
You can only had shampoo and conditioner that the hotel/motel gives you or a cheap brand that you never heard of. When you leave the shower, how is your hair? How would you try to make it look good, without adding products in your hair?

*products like gel, mousse, hairspray, oils, etc.

Because I was in that situation before. Had to evacuate and the only things I brought with me were some clothes, because I didn't expect to be gone for more than a week. (I actually never came back, lols.)
My only routine was wash, sometimes condition, dry and then put it up in a ponytail.
And other times, there was no dry towels, so I ended up just squeezing as much water out as I can, and then let it air dry.