"The Triplets of Belleville" is so cute
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kayb, have you seen his latest film The Illusionist?

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It is an amazing film. So touching!
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I have in fact see The Illusionist. I prefer The Triplets because of the music and I love musicals and that grandma was bad ass

The Illusionist is an interesting story and the ending made me sad

I also wanted to watch Paris J'taime and see what he does with real life actors, but I haven't been able to find it.

ETA: Never mind, found it. Will watch and report.

kayb - your line about the circle makes me giggle everytime I see it
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It's from The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories; so many good ones in there. Like this one that I read this week
"I love you more than I can stand, I sit down."
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.

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