How often should one PT?
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Have you tried a PT already? If you know what it does for you, one "quick and dirty" test for needing a PT is when your hair gets a little limp and your waves need a boost (assuming you don't need a trim instead).

Another way is to grab some of those loose hairs when you're in the shower and give them a little (very gentle) tug. They should stretch when wet like this and bounce back. Any hair will break if tugged on too hard, but if it just breaks with a gentle tug, you likely need protein.

If there is protein in your products, you don't need a PT as often - maybe once per month if your hair likes protein. If your products don't have protein, you can do it once per week or every other week.

You'll know you're overdoing it if the protein makes your (dry) hair seem a little stiff and actually less wavy/curly.