It really helps to know your texture and porosity to give advice. Here's a thread to help with that:

It could be build up, the change of weather, not enough protein, too much protein or any of a lot of other reasons.

My salon has the Deva products, when they changed the NoPoo ingredients about 18 months ago, it really dried out my hair. I won't let them use it anymore. Don't know how frequently you use the mousse. My stylist feels that the propellant in mousse is drying and advices against it. The AnGel has a polyquat fairly high on the list. I can't use them. They build up on me and cause spider frizz.

You don't use a lot of moisturizing products--at least to my hair, so that could be it, too.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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