I definitely think going on/off the BC hasn't helped anything. I've done it quite a few times, and stayed off of it for 2 months each time. I've actually been on the NuvaRing before (the highest one on that website), was on it for probably a year, year & a half. I was on it when that first picture was taken actually.. hm.

Someone also brought up my water.. I have hard water (no water softener) at my house. My entire life, I was in a house WITH a water softener, til 2yrs. ago (around the time when I started losing more hair) when I moved out. Back in January, I stayed at a hotel and I specifically remember saying to my BF "Wow, my hair is so happy today!".. I'm assuming the hotel had a water softener. Makes you wonder if that also has something to do with it.

I washed it with a clarifying shampoo today, and it was MUCH fuller. I need to remember to do that once or twice a month, or more I guess, depending on how it looks.