Well first of all I part my hair into 4 sections to do everything (wash, detangle, style). So I start out w/one of the four sections & in the back I divide it into 2 sections (the front sections I divide into 3 sections bc my hair is soooo thick & it allows for easy distribution & detangling) & then squirt ab 2 to 3 pumps of the restorative condish into my hand (after spraying my hair w/plain water first to re-dampen), pour some grapeseed oil into my hand, rub together, apply to each section of hair & detangle (first w/my widetooth comb & then my denman....seems like alot but my hair loss/shedding has decreased soooooooooo much since I've started this reggie.

After I apply & detangle my entire head I cover w/a plastic cap, sit under dryer, rinse & style.

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Thats a good idea to use the grapeseed oil, how much conditioner do you use?[/QUOTE
I just had an a-ha moment! I mix oils to my twisting creams but stopped adding them to my conditioners because I really never noticed a difference like I do with my twisting cream. I never thought of adding a conditioner first then rubbing the oil over my hair separate! I can imagine that would make a huge difference, I have really thick hair too so I'll have to try that.