Unfortunately, no Bed, Bath and Beyond here. I'm in Japan and I guess I have to order from Keurig anyway because Amazon will not ship the k-cups overseas because they are grocery items. They didn't have a problem mailing my husband two huge barrels of Utz cheese balls!?!?

I got the special that fig jam was talking about on keurig.com and even with that savings, I treated myself to $100 worth of coffee and tea yesterday. Keurig does have a great selection. I know this is probably pure novelty for me now and I will find a couple favorites and stick with them or even get the Solofill or My K Cup to use my own coffee in the future. And fig jam, you are right again. I'm drinking the Caribou Breakfast Blend this morning and I love it! I have a Nantucket to try too so that may be my second cup. I can't wait to get some of the ones I ordered. I will probably be on permabuzz for awhile.

Also, I must love weak coffee because all of the ones I have tried have been fine even on the largest setting. I can definitely fill my travel mug and the coffee still tastes good to me.