Well the title says it al!! I wanted to set up a sticky but I can't figure out how. Anyhoo, new people are constantly joining and the ones that have been here are always looking for good info. and I thought it'd be cool to see what everyone's best tips that they've picked up here on the site to help myself and everyone else!! It doesn't have to specific to anything but can be about whatever you like

My best tip, (what I can think of right away), would be using a wet washcloth to revive/refresh waves and/or curls for 2nd day hair. Just wet it, squeeze out the extra, then scrunch through out the whole head. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's tips!!!!
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[/COLOR][/FONT] [I][B]My waves are finally getting stronger thanks to weekly PTs and longer hair in general. Still trying to grow it out though!

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