I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I went 3 days with no cowashing, wetting or anything therefore no comb or fingers went through my hair either and when I got into the shower on the 4th day and finger combed I thought I was going to be bald when I was done! I do agree with Hippie that if you used to brush every day and now you don't it makes a HUGE difference. You will see ALOT more hairs come out in the shower, I know I do. I must lose at least 100. I think it was about 300 the day I skipped washing for so long. I know when I used sulfate poos all the time my hair was big and thick looking but now that it's a little more tame it doesn't look like that anymore. I think your hair looks absolutely lovely in all the pictures. Do you have any bald spots? I agree with everyone that if you aren't comfortable with what's going on then check more into it. I understand about the money though too. Maybe try styling your hair your "old way" with sulfate poo and your old style products and see if it looks the same. The look may be from different products also.

I hope you feel better soon.
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