Aaiiii, who do this guy think he is? More importantly, who does he think he's dealing with? He pushes me, I push back for equal consideration and treatment, come up with a plan that meets both of our needs, and he goes ballistic? Real professional.

Also: for why? Why the attitude? All I can guess is that he had no intention of paying, or paying in full, and now he's mad that I beat him to the punch, that I still have leverage. Well, I did so because I just had a feeling about this one. I just knew it. 20 years of this work and you develop a sense about people. I saw his tone and his interactions with L and I thought, this is a bad apple.

I wish this project hadn't started out the way it did. I'm usually more circumspect. I hope L makes good on her word it was her wheedling that got me into this mess, because I trusted her. Now I'm dealing with a client from hell. I would have never signed up for working for him, had I had any inkling about him before.

ALWAYS 50% up front with new clients
ALWAYS a contract

Except she wasn't a new client. Ugh. She better make good.

F*ck You. Pay Me.