You know, Buffy for me is the type of show that I have no interest in whatsoever anymore. I loved it growing up (well, up to season 3 really, though I do think Hush from season 4 is brilliant), but I have zero interest in re-watching it. Part of it is that to me the memory went sour because Whedon ruined both it and Angel past the first couple of seasons. The other part is that I have a real distaste for Whedon and his ego. He fancies himself a lot of things he isn't (his stuff isn't as clever as he thinks; his dialogue is easily recognizable and I mean that in a pretentious, self-consciously "clever", cringe-worthy, clunky, had-to-be-written-by-Whedon sort of way; he laughably thinks he's a feminist) and his shows are hideously overrated, especially considering how many have actually been any good. He just loves to cram angst down viewers' throats because as he put it, he gives people what they need and not what they want. Well, I don't want your shows, you egotistical twit.
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Y'know what, I've been enjoying Buffy but I also agree with nearly all of this. I wonder if I'll be able to finish many seasons are there? and still enjoy it. I absolutely agree about the dialogue, which pains me and causes me to do a lot of rewrites in my head, though it also leads to some silly-writing-makes-plain-silly-comment-over-the-top-hilarious. I think I've blocked out any examples other than the overuse of "___ girl/guy" and even the slang I remember people using being applied to way too many situations (Look, if you were genuinely frightened and you're somberly informing someone of this, this is not a case in which you say that something "gave [you] the wig(gins)."), but there are much more egregious examples to be had.

And the feminist thing - THANK YOU. I've only watched this and Dr. Horrible of his, which I thought was cute with good songs, but I recall reading that his whole thing with this show was, "Why does the blonde chick always get murdered? I'm gonna make her badass." And then I watched it, and there was rampant failing of the Bechdel test and WTF is it with Buffy, and now Willow, sucking on a damn lollipop? Major side-eye to that. Also, in one episode where a werewolf was savaging people and they had self defense in PE, I recall Willow telling Buffy that she was "supposed to be a meek little girly girl, like the rest of us." Um, okay, you are such a good feminist, Joss.

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