Now I think I know why the 4b board is so quiet. People might be afraid to post their experiences because they are afraid of being mocked and ridiculed.

Originally Posted by AlikaIssa
I'm going to call shenanigns on this one too. In general, the 4a board gets more traffic so 3c's and 4b's just meet in the middle over there. The 3c board is like a ghost town because most folks just go to the 4a. Check siggies and fotkis and you'll see.

Also 4b's might not be drawn to this site as much as they are to whenever I pop in over there, there is an overwhelming amount of happy 4bs posting. They may eve be the majority hair type over there. And it might be worh notinh a thread like this would not fly over there. They would chew you up, spit you out, and then possibly even ban you.

Lastly, if someone is interested in altering their texture on a regular basis (which I now understand is what curlaway claims) then they tend to post on the BKT, straightening/straightening relaxing, or on a different forum all together because this site doesn't have a depth of info on that topic.

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