I have in on good authority (my DH is a DJ, and media people are always more in the know) that they've just planned out how they are going to distribute the plot/answers/more mysteries across the seasons remaining to arrive at the fifth season ender with everything neatly tied up. They just confirmed that the "road map" to the series would be resolved then since they've changed the focus from the mythology back to being a little more character-focused this year.
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I really hope everything does end up tied up, but I have my doubts. I kind of lost faith in JJ Abrams after Alias. It started out so good, and I watched it till the end, but it left a lot to be desired. So many questions at the end were still unanswered. And I had the feeling when watching the last season that they were in a hurry to tie things up and weren't doing the best job of it. "Lost" is creating questions way faster than it answers them. I have a feeling that the end might be a bit anti-climactic. My interest has been slowly dwindling, and I definitely see why they lost (no pun intended) half their viewers from the 1st to 2nd season. Frankly, drooling over Sawyer is the only reason I keep watching.
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