I understand that the word counsel is not limited to professionally licensed therapists and psychiatrists, but it does have a certain connotation, as I stated. Whether you backtracked or not, well, that's a matter of perception. I'm not going to further discuss semantics. Have a nice day.
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I've spent time in a lot of different churches and they use the word 'counsel' the same way that I use it. I'm aware that America has a large Christian population so I just assumed that people would know what I meant.
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1. It's part of a minister/pastor's job to offer advice to the people who belong to the church. Spiritual guidance and all that. Are you saying it's your job, or you do it out of the kindness of your heart? The two are different.

2. I'm not Christian, and haven't been to church in about 10 years. So perhaps you should not assume.
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Clearly I was wrong to have made the assumption that people knew what I was talking about.

Many congregation members offer counselling at churches out of the kindness of their heart. In the last church I went to I was a member of the counselling team they trained us up to counsel people.

However, some years ago I decided that I didn't want to preach a particular religion to people when I was counselling them so I took the main principles that I learned at church and used them in my non profit organisation. And yes, I do counsel people out of the kindness of my heart

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