nobody can make you feel bad about anything unless you already feel bad about it.
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I do not agree with this. The girl I know who suffers from depression because of her 3b/3c hair used to love her hair until people started telling her that it didn't look good.

She says that all of the white men that she has ever met (other than her father) tell her that her hair does not look nice curly. She believes that all white men hate curly hair.*

(I know that all white men do not hate curly hair - I'm just saying what she believes)

I wrote about her issues in depth in the John Frieda thread days ago ( So hopefully no one will accuse me of making it up to support my position)

*This lady has given me permission to share her experience.
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maybe there's something about the way she wears her hair or the appearance of her hair and not the curls themselves???

maybe she shld try dating outside her race...

sometimes, when people meet other people who are just off in someway which they cannot pin point, they will say something off the cuff...something like "I don't like your hair curly" when really they mean something else, which they might not know how to say

She needs to build confidence in her hair. She already believes that her curly hair is not beautiful and she is walking around emitting this non-confidence. People can smell that a mile away...I also bet that she believes that in general, she is not beautiful, which is something that stems from something larger and more long term, and not from a few men she has met telling her they don't like her hair.