See you are wrong. I understand and respect other peoples beliefs. I can understand why they are disappointed because I would be disappointed also. The difference is, I didn't call Kerry supporters stupid, I didn't belittle their beliefs because they differ with mine. I feel there is a place for everyone and we need balance to the force. From all the comments from the most vocal people who supported Kerry, they seem to think every who didn't a stupid, a bible thumper, anti-abortion, and homophobic, all of which are not true.
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I think that referring to Kerry supporters in Ohio as crackheads is belittling. I'm sure that there were some cocaine users who voted for Kerry, Bush, Nader and probably Peroutka. But to single Kerry out seems belittling. I realize that namecalling is not the same as belittling ones' beliefs, but it still seems disrespectful especially since every person who supported Kerry in Ohio is not crackhead.
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She's got it backwards as usual - the crack-peddling Kerry supporters in Cleveland have one up on the Bush supporters of Cleveland. Cleveland Bush supporters couldn't even understand their absentee ballots, and had the nerve to complain when their votes went to the wrong candidate. HELLO - Blue=Democrat, Red=Republican. It's only been this way for how long? Take a few minutes to study the electoral college. Why did they even waste their time raising a big stink when they know that their county is overwhelmingly Democratic (??). If I was a Bush supporter in Cleveland, I'd keep a low profile, unless I wanted my head bashed into the sidewalk. I'll never understand the motives of Bush supporters.